A little about me

So, now that the contest is over, I figured you were all dying to know the real answers. In most cases, I loved your answers better than the truth, but life is crazy like that so I’m stuck with the hand I’m dealt!

1. What color is my hair? Fluorescent Orange! Hehe, just kidding. Auburn or red

2. What movie(s) have I seen over 50 times? Aliens, Pride and Prejudice, Starship Troopers, Princess Bride. Goonies is probably at about 20 times along with The Covenant. This list could go on forever since I own so many movies!

3. What is my favorite writing place? If anyone has ever read the other blog I participate on (Samurai Scribes) Common Grounds coffee shop is my writing place of choice.

4. What is my biggest pet peeve at my writing place? Noisy people drive me nuts when I’m writing.

5. What is my middle name? Ann

6. What is my cat’s name? Trix

7. What is my birthday? December 27th

8. What animal would my Patronus be? A Unicorn

9. What is my favorite Disney Princess? Ariel or Merida. It is a hard toss-up between the two.

10. What is my favorite candy? Gummies. Bonus points would have been Dots. Double bonus points Tropical Dots.

11. How many siblings do I have? 1 sister

12. Name a show I watch (hint: I’ve probably tweeted about it!) Arrow, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, The Voice, Castle, Lost Girl

13. What Kickstarter did I recently give to? Most recent was Veronica Mars (did you see the GIF?) or Inspiration Dice. The only two I’ve given to!

Thank you all for participating! I will definitely have something like this again.


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