Give away Plan B

Ok, so my whole purpose of the give away wasn’t just to give stuff away! It was for people to make stuff up. Since using my info seems to scare people away, I’m going a slightly simpler route. I will give you a sentence and you will make up 250 words or less to add to it. Again, the prizes are: A copy of Save the Cat by Blake Snyder, a unicorn, and a movie of the winner(s) choice: The Goonies, Skyfall, The Princess Bride, Wreck-It Ralph, Brave, or The Guardians. I might also add extra goodies. So now, here’s your sentence:

The little red haired girl looked furtively into the dark forest.

Contest ends Monday March 25th 8pm CST.


11 thoughts on “Give away Plan B

  1. beaubarnett says:

    250 words?

    I got this. I’ll DM you my address, too, so you know where to send the stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. beaubarnett says:

    PSH. have you READ my writing?

    I don’t have competition.

    If you’re “winner” is the one who produces the “worst crap you’ve ever read” at least.

  3. beaubarnett says:

    SEE? *your*

  4. Posting this makes me more nervous than it should…..Don’t JUDGE ME!

    The little red haired girl looked furtively into the dark forest.

    Eva’s hair was charred, her skin covered with soot and ash. Her white teeth glimmered in the dark.
    She watched as a single flame lit up the forest. The trees swayed as if to escape the heat. The leaves curled in on themselves and disintegrated. Branches cracked and fell to the soft ground. Smoke filled the black sky, hiding the moon’s face.
    Eva was a witch with the gift of summoning the elements, and she had just mastered fire. Her father had spent hours and hours with her to harness her power. She was using it, and it was amazing. She wasn’t supposed to use her power without her father around, but she was too excited to dwell on the punishment that would later come. Now, all she had to do was reverse–
    A scream shattered the air. Then another. And another.
    The girl’s grin fell at the sound of her brother’s screams. He shouldn’t have been out here.
    Legs shaking, she darted into the blazing forest.
    “Luke!” The fire’s roar swallowed Eva’s screams. The heat made it hard to breath. She could no longer hear him. Her heart pounded in her chest, threatening to break through her ribcage. Thorns hindered her movement, but she didn’t stop.
    As she ran, she pulled the fire’s energy towards her and focused on extinguishing it. Just as the fire snuffed out, leaving behind the scent of burnt hair, she saw the body.
    Luke wasn’t moving.

  5. Carey Torg says:

    There, beyond the trees, she saw it. A glint of something that caught the little bit of light that crept through the forest canopy. She needed to investigate. With one hand on on her rifle, the cold hard steel heavy at her side, she made her way past the small creek. The crunch of the leaves was loud. She had to be quieter. So as not to give her location away.

    There it was again.


    But this time, because she was closer, she saw a shadow of a figure, a shape in the darkness. She squinted but still failed to make anything out.

    She shouldn’t be here. If she had any sense at all, she’s turn right around and get the hell out of dodge. But caving in to her fear was unlike her. People didn’t call her Cat for nothing.

    Moving at a slower pace, she managed to duck behind a bush. She kneeled down, her knees burrowing into the moist soil. The smell of moss and dirt surrounded her.

    What was it? A deer? A bear?

    Motionless, she waited. She could huddle here for a while. She was sure she could out wait it. Anchoring a loose tendril of her wavy, red hair, she strained her green eyes to see through the labyrinth of branches and leaves.

    There. She could just barely make it out. It wasn’t a thing. It was a person. Standing there. With another quick flash, she realized what the spark of something had been. It was a reflection of light bouncing off someone’s cell phone. Wait…what? Someone with a cell phone? In the middle of the forest? It didn’t make sense.

    Then she heard it. Laughter. The voice was undoubtedly male.
    She froze. What was she going to do? Confront the stranger? Or just backtrack back out of the forest.

    Cat wasn’t the kind of girl to just let things go. So, with conviction, she stood up, clutched her gun poised to use it if need be and called out to the man.

    “Who are you and what are you doing on my property?”

    Hands up defensively, he said, “Hey, hey, it’s okay! My name is Beau Barnett! I followed you from Starbuck’s. You have red hair and you’re gorgeous, so naturally, I followed you!”

    She rolled her eyes, put down her gun and smirked. “You’re weird. Now get the hell outta here.”

    Beau raised his eyes skyward and slowly turned, making his way back toward the road.

    As he walked away, Cat swear she heard him say “Dat gurlz eyez be da size a QUOTAS dawggone.”

    But that couldn’t have been right. She shrugged her shoulders and went home.

  6. Carey Torg says:

    I dont even care if I am DQd due to word count. Kinda had to. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Casey says:

    she clutched her teddy bear closer to her chest. it always added to the teddy bear forcefield of protection if you squeezed it tightly. her heart beat a little bit faster with each step forward.

    uhh this is too hard to do on my phone. I’m tapping out of this option.

  8. trishschmidt says:

    Did I mention I am surprised no one went Charlie Brown on me?

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