Dreaming Big

After attending the Write Camp unconference in Milwaukee,WI  this year, I got to thinking how I would love to have something like that where I live. Not that I’m far from Milwaukee, but any excuse to have writers get together and learn is good enough for me.

Write Camp is free. Anyone who wants to teach a session does so and anyone who wants to show up, the same. The only real rule is the rule of two feet: if you don’t like the session you’re in, feel free to leave and check out a different one. This rule comes in very handy when you want to see many sessions all planned at the same time.

Starting small is my goal. Finding out how many other writers would want to (and be able to)  come to Southeastern WI. How many would even be interested? Another goal would be to provide sessions/lessons that writers can find useful.

So I finally come to my point: How many would be interested in a free writerly learning experience and if something like this was available to you, what kinds of sessions would you like to see?

Another thought (separate thing) would be to do something online. Have a Skype chat or something similar to get writers together.

I would love to hear everyone’s opinions and thoughts in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Dreaming Big

  1. Ellie Story says:

    Well, you know I’m in. For whatever.

  2. I think it’s a great idea to have a meetup/retreat. It’s way more personal to actually see people face to face than to interact online. It’s just a different dynamic.

    I tend to take ideas and run with them, so bear with me. 🙂 You seem to be concerned about people wanting to travel. Maybe something could be worked out with regional hubs all meeting on the same weekend? So no one had to travel too far but still got a similar experience.

    Just a thought.


    • trishschmidt says:

      I like the idea of different hubs. Maybe down the road. This would be the first time I’ve ever done anything like this. Want to make sure people would be interested before we try planning anything yet.

  3. kaikiriyama says:

    I want to do this so badly, but alas, Canadian. We have an event here every year called “When Words Collide” and it’s always a HUGE thing. They have guest speakers and stuff every year (Kevin J. Anderson was year either last year or the year before) but it is SO EXPENSIVE to get tickets. There’s also critiques you can get but those are always snatched up right away. Supposedly it’s a decent place to go and get your name out there and I’ve heard of people who’ve been asked for partials, but I’m usually off selling my wares at conventions every time it’s around (gotta make money before I can spend money, amirite?) so I’ve never had a chance to go. The free things I’ve been to were helpful but very impersonal as there seems to be like a million writers in my city. I’m so in love with the writing community I’ve built online (obviously since like all of you are part of that) and less so in love with the one in my city, so any excuse to experience something new with new people is okay in my books. If I have enough time to save up and plan for something, hell YES I am in. And yeah, Skype or Google hangouts with you guys would be AWESOME.

    • trishschmidt says:

      We figured we would do a little one with you and a few other tweeps 😀 At least for starters and to brainstorm! And we’re hoping for an informal, interactive unconference. Somewhere for writers to help build their community. Ahh, big dreams for now!

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