2013 And All it Has to Offer

So everyone seems to be making their year-end or resolution posts.  I suppose this is along those lines.  There’s something about putting my goals in writing for others to see terrifying and perfect.  They are out there, and I can’t exactly take them back. Not to mention, the more I say my goals out loud, the more real and doable they seem.

Without further ado, my goals for 2013 (in no particular order):

1. Contests. Enter them. Enter them ALL. Ok, well maybe not ALL of them, but still, I think there are some good benefits to entering contests.  I already have a screenwriting one in my sights, I will have to research more on the novel front.  I’ve seen tons of comments about meeting their CP’s or even finding an agent from a contest. While I’m not sure what to expect, exactly, I feel entering a contest gives me a deadline of sorts and hope to get feedback on what works and what doesn’t with my novel.

2. Finish editing and polish my current work in progress till it shines. I have some great notes to start off with and ideas churning from those notes.  I hope that this novel will be good enough to send out into the world by May.  Yes, I gave it a quasi-date. May.

3. Query. This obviously has to follow #2 as the novel needs to be finished before I move on to this step.  I also need to start working on my query letter since I have an irksome feeling it will take me multiple drafts before that is ready, too.  I have started researching a few agents so I am ready when the time comes. I do like my preparation.

4. Write. I suppose this one should go unsaid, but I have specifics. I have at least 2 novels I want to get through the first drafts. I would also like to get at least 1 screenplay done.

5. Edit the 3 screenplays I finished last year. Work on getting an agent and selling one of these as well.

6. Work on my critiquing skills. While I love other people to read and give feedback on my work, I lack this ability and find it unfair to ask someone something I cannot do.

7. Apply more. That is all I can say on that without getting myself in possible trouble.

8. Go to a convention.

9. Meet peeps from Twitter.  Both 8 and 9 depend on $$ so we shall see if these are possibilities.

While I am sure I can think of more, these are the main ones floating around my brain day after day.  And I think keeping my list small is not only more doable, but easier to focus my attention on rather than splitting my time in too many ways.  What are your goals? Share them here so others can help hold you accountable!

Whatever you hope to achieve, may 2013 be a prosperous and happy year for us all!


3 thoughts on “2013 And All it Has to Offer

  1. J Hewitt says:

    Reblogged this on A Beginning, An End, and All That Lies Inbetween and commented:
    A great post from a Twitter Friend. Check her blog out–she’s a talented writer.

  2. CaseyRoach says:

    We have a lot of similar goals including writing, editing, contest-ing, and conferencing! Let’s go a conference together – that would knock out #8 and #9 – two birds, one plane ticket 🙂

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